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Volunteers Needed!

Bob Hope Airport Emergency Exercise

The Bob Hope Airport will be conducting its full scale FAA required airport disaster exercise on Tuesday March 24th. They are currently looking for volunteers to play the roles of victims during the exercise. Volunteers will be done up in special effects makeup to simulate injuries sustained during the exercise. Volunteers will be fed a light breakfast/snack as well as lunch the day of the exercise and will be provided with a commemorative give away item.

Upcoming CERT Event

From the Area E Regional CERT web site...

Area E Regional CERT is proud to host, in partnership with the Los Angeles County Fire Department the 2014 CERT Community Preparedness Conference

July 25, 26, and 27, 2014

in the beautiful city of Cerritos, CA.

Online Registration

Join other community members dedicated to disaster preparedness in this 2.5 day Community Preparedness Conference and training.

Site Launch

Today is the launch of the beta edition of the website for Bungalow Heaven's Crisis team.

Information about the neighborhood, our preparations and plans for potential emergencies, and tracking of events will be channeled here. The sitemaster will blog about new features as they are added.

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