BHNA Emergency Water Storage Program

Emergency water storage supplies are critical in Southern California. The ongoing drought exacerbates this problem… in the event of a large earthquake, it may be difficult to get sufficient water into the region, especially in the short term.

Emergency Supplies

Recommended minimal supplies for a disaster kit include:

BHNA CCRT Mission Statement

The Bungalow Heaven Neighborhood Association is forming a Citizen Crisis Response Team.

Our goal is to raise awareness of disaster preparedness in the neighborhood, establish relationships with the city and first responders, and organize a neighborhood response plan to ensure that we can take advantage of the skills available in our neighborhood in the event of a
major disaster.

How To Make Your Home Disaster Resistant

You know your home better than anyone else.

You need to make sure you know, prior to an earthquake, what are the most dangerous elements in your home. This will enable you to minimize the chance that they can cause harm.

Most injuries in U.S. earthquakes come from three main causes: people falling, or moving furniture, or broken glass… not from structural collapse!

Evacuation Zone Map

The below image shows the layout of the evacuation center in McDonald Park, should it be necessary to evacuate multiple households in the neighborhood.

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Site Launch

Today is the launch of the beta edition of the website for Bungalow Heaven's Crisis team.

Information about the neighborhood, our preparations and plans for potential emergencies, and tracking of events will be channeled here. The sitemaster will blog about new features as they are added.


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